A message to ex-candidate Wizo Perez

Many years ago in Brownsville,TX The District #1 area (La Southmost) was held by then City Commissioner Ricardo Longoria. For about 20 years ago, Mr. Longoria ran the district.
In two separate occasions, a nobody by the name of Roman Perez (aka el Wizo) tried to run against Mr. Longoria and lost. This is the first time I had heard of the name.

Last year when the whole circus at BISD was taking place with el marrano de monte regarding the DWI, I ran into Roman Perez online after commenting on a few facebook posts regarding Mr. Castro’s behavior. We started talking privately on twitter after he found my twitter account (which I don’t use often) to which I accepted and he also sent me a friend request on Facebook to which I also accepted. I didn’t think much of it at the time since I like to give everyone an opportunity although by this time I had read a few things here and there regarding Mr. Roman through the blogs.

Throughout the fall season we stayed in contact via twitter, I kept asking him why he kept using twitter to private message me instead of using the facebook messenger which is a lot easier to use, according to him is because “it requires a separate app download and because facebook mines your data”, which was weird since twitter also is a separate application and they also mine your data as well. We had exchanged phone numbers but then I realized I shouldn’t of gave him my number. There would be times he would could call at midnight while I was sleeping and if I didn’t answer, he would then call my skype phone number, I began to suspect that this dude was weird and probably didn’t work.

One day I had went to the Brownsville Independent School District building and actually ran into Roman Perez in person, off the bat I knew this dude was weird as they come. I tried to shake his hand and realized he was a big germophobe. After the meeting was over I told him jokingly just to see what his reaction was going to be I tell him “Look blood is my hand” and the dude jumped out screaming, to which I laughed and told him I was only joking but that would confirm my suspicious of him being a weirdo.

My friend Zachary Blevins who I had met earlier during the whole marrano gate fiasco had planned to run for BISD as a board member and I believe he had a great chance of winning too, he had great charisma and his social media presence was just taking off until el wizo de Perez had to open his mouth and talk some shit. Eventually Zach decided not to run anymore. I unfriended el wizo after that point and kept my distance. During this time after Erasmo Castro and el wizo reconciled to start doing Castro’s show and that is when I lost total respect for Roman.

Today he posted this about me, since we’re no longer friends on Facebook I am unable to respond to this particular post, at least he could make it public so I can respond to it. He calls el marrano an “activist” although just a few months ago when we spoke on the phone he would call him “un vato pendejo” and would letters to BISD demanding that Castro would unblock him at that particular time since he was a public figure, but now that he’s been unblocked and their buddies, se la anda mamando. I’ve then learned that the dude doesn’t work and hasn’t for a long time and rather has his wife work, this is why when I asked him in person what he did for living he stuttered and couldn’t give me a clear answer. A reference to him not working can be found on another blog from Brownsville Voice @ http://brownsvillevoice.blogspot.com/2015/03/does-roman-perez-know-reality-from.html

Now I understand why him and Castro are good friends, both of them don’t work and haven’t for a very long time and both of them are mantenidos. I know el wizo will be reading this but like his lover Castro, will be scared to respond to this. Si tienes los huevos, responde como los hombres.

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