Another message to Wizo Perez

This is my message to El Wizo.
Yo no tengo que competir con nadie, con que me tengas miedo basta suficiente, por eso te escondes. Unlike you, I actually have a job and a family. Dicen por allí que no quieres salir del closet y que por eso nadie ha visto tu esposa en fotos o en público, sabes quien mas no ha salido del closet? Tu líder, el marrano de monte, posible sea la razón que tanto te llevas con el. Dices que te mantiene tu vieja porque no te gusta trabajar, que según tu tienes una incapacidad y por eso no puedes.…pero allí si puedes estar todo el día y todo la noche viendo que hago o no hago verdad? Allí si no tienes incapacidades? Pinche vato webon y mantenido. You applaud that sick perverted bastard of Castro? The same guy who was caught putting little hearts on half-naked teenage pictures of boys on Facebook and thus was banned permanently from Brownsville ISD campuses, facilities and events? You keep opening your mouth Roman, you know me that I will not back down when someone like yourself crosses path with me, for I already know a few things about you. Weren’t you banned from Cristo Rey Church down on Southmost? Should we tell everyone what the fuck you were doing? I won’t mention it in this post but I will very soon.

Have you told your lover boy Castro all the things you would talk shit about him behind his back after he blocked you back in the summer? That was only the reason you came to the #nomorecheezmeh page in the first place wasn’t it? Once he unblocked you from his page again earlier this year and started making guest appearances on his show, se la que comenzaste a mamar and then for some odd reason started talking shit about me behind my back, who’s idea was it? Yours or his? Man up say it and say it. Tienes huevos o no tienes huevos?

I’m not mad at Castro for him inviting mayors, lawyers, politicians or whatever else, kudos for him for having a show that the only people he allows on there are people that agree with him entirely 100% or are blocked, people like yourself that message him “please Erasmo don’t block meeee, I’ll do whatever you say”. My blog/podcast show I run is open to all, all criticism whether good or bad is welcomed, it allows people to have an opinion, what good does it do me having people who are forced to agree with me every single time that I post something? Anyhow, I know you’ll be watching tonight’s show at 9pm, see you there!
Later pinche wizo

El Wizo de Perez

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