La chiskiada under arrest

If you were absent from social media yesterday, you missed a hell of a show. Vanessa Tijerina aka La Chiskiada was arrested last night at approximately 9pm last night at the Stars Drive in Raymondville.

First video of the day

It all started when Tijerina went live on her own facebook page appearing under the influence of drugs, she started throwing 100s of hashtags to her supporters and taunting her so called “haters”. In the same video she made, Raymondville PD initially showed up to check on the welfare of her daughters who were inside the house, Vanessa quickly answered any questions the officer asked and showed her daughters to the police and brushed the police off. The live video lasted 2 hours.

Crying for no reason.

Just a few hours afterwards, Tijerina made another live video of herself making herself cry listening to some Tejano music, it was very apparent that whatever she was on, the effects had started to wear off. Shortly after this, she drove to Stars when all hell broke loose.

After the crying video, Tijerina went live again from Stars and it starts off with the Police questioning if she was smoking marijuana. It is unknown how long the police may have been observing her at the time but after getting enough probable cause, they asked Vanessa to step down from her vehicle to which Vanessa resisted arrest and put her daughters through an emotional nightmare. A stand off with police occurred with Tijerina using her own children to thwart off attempts by police to open the doors, the police gave her plenty of chances to come out peacefully but she resisted. After 45 minutes, her live video cuts out however there was plenty of people witnessing the events happen. The summary of the 2 hours was summarized in a video by SamMel Rivas, a local resident of Willacy Co.

After being arrested, initial reports out there indicate that Tijerina was charged in possession of narcotics, cocaine, meth, marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless endangerment of her children, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace. Some of the charges may be dropped but we will have official confirmation later on today as to what she was charged with.

She is currently held in city jail and waiting to make bond. Knowing her, she’ll be live again, we’ll be on the look out. This article will be updated as well.

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