Censorship trying to stop cure for Rona

Today several people have messaged me about this video making rounds on social media and to save it and re-share it before it gets taken down on Facebook. I didn’t think much of it at first and took a nap, however when I woke up, I saw this post by my good friend Craig Grove who runs a community page on Facebook titled “Brownsville Living” about his group being gone for good for simply sharing it there. Then I was like oh shit.

Sure enough I called Craig Grove right away and he told me that his group that of over 10,000 members was taken down for simply posting that video. He was definitely upset, after all he’s ran this group for literally over 10 years and has put so much time and effort into promoting Brownsville and surrounding areas only for him to lose the group.

Is there a cure for Coronavirus that has been available for a while and left wing media is trying to censorship? Are big pharmaceutical companies paying these media companies to censor the cure? You be the judge.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel tweeted this today. Media companies, Facebook and the right wing activists are trying to take over our free speech. We need to fight back. Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. You mean left wing media? Lol. It’s being deleted because it’s a pile of crock. “Doctor” Stella believes that demons make you sick.

  2. It’s being deleted because they are spreading truth these are professional doctors and some ppl still believe this virus is killing.

    Why do you think now at Walmart you don’t need a mask and other big name brand stores will follow.
    There’s a cure and ppl are still living in fear, all this virus is doing is dividing us. I see the gullible still don’t believe after so many pro doctors have said this is nothing.

  3. Trump announced those drugs months ago. I think the reason Facebook sees this as fake news is because she is not presenting data and studies. She is just ranting, sound familiar? I don’t agree that they close pages or groups. They want to take down a post to stop possibly fake news, fine…but to close down pages is a bit extreme.

  4. This chick is a quack. She’s said that the govt is run by aliens and reptiles 😒 frank you know better. But I get it. It’s a hot topic to bring traffic to the website. Also it’s Immanuel not Emmanuel.

  5. If it wasnt true, they wouldn’t be scrambling to delete it as fast as possible. Theyre making it so obvious in how desperate they are to silence it.

  6. You mean The left wing media. (CNN, MSNBC, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, CBS, NBC, Google and many more) doing what they can to silence the fact that the cure was available since President Trump announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine since the beginning of the pandemic. They have gone to such an extent as to threaten to take drs license that prescribe this drug to patients. Why are they hiding the cure? Probably because hydroxychloroquine combined with Azythromycin and Zinc are estimated pennies with what Big Pharma wants to come out with A new “cure/vaccine they just invented” on high demand to charge thousands so they can cash in and Of course a huge chunk of that goes to the people who helped (The left). At the end it’s all about the Benjamins! #TRUMP2020

  7. No more freedom of speech? They took our freedom to decide for ourselves what is safe and what is not safe, as far as the covid 19 rules of curfew, gatherings, they closed the border to our brothers and sisters in Mexico, literally prohibited them from coming into the USA. And now they are trying to shut us up when we see a panel of doctors speaking about the treatment for the virus, reopening schools, and giving us our freedom back….no one is allowed out in public after 11pm…seriously? Does anyone else think that this is a violation of our freedom?

  8. That lady is wacko

  9. That Dr is from Katy with a pediatric background who runs an urgent care center. Last I heard, covid cases are not being seen or treated in urgent care centers. So where are the 300 patients she’s cured with a medicine that majority of medical community has said does not cure covid? Another person politicizing medicine. Ridiculous.

  10. Just visit her YouTube and make your own judgement. YouTube search DrStella Immanuel. She has her own channel.

  11. So what if their pediatricians they have a degree they are in the front lines. They have experience funny how a while ago you all wanted a doctor’s opinion now many doctors have said this virus is over hyped.
    You all are still listening to the news anchors instead of their professional opinion, or is It that ppl are just used to the unemployment now.

    Crazy how ppl still think they know more than an actual doctor there’s a cure we should be happy and continue on with life.

  12. I believe this can be cured with antibiotics (Azithromicine for example combined with other respiratory meds) but from the get-go doctors claimed there was no cure – yet there was a story on world news stating doctors themselves were hoarding antibiotics for their own loved ones. If antibiotics don’t help then why would that be the case? There is truth in this…and it’s alarming that facebook is quick to take down truths but doesn’t have a problem running political lies and tactless memes.

  13. In Matamoros they’re selling “kits” containing Hydroxychloroquine, 6 Dexamehtasone intramuscular injections , Azithromycin, and Tamiflu. My uncle tested positive (he works at Carrizales) and he started taking the meds and it seems to be working just fine he’s been recovering at home without needing supplemental oxygen. Ivermectin has been shown to stop viral replication due to it being an anti-parasitic drug in vitro. Guess which other drug in the above listed acts as an anti-parasitic drug? Hydroxychloroquine. Remdesivir (being pushed by Fauchi) would cost people with private insurance $520 a vial (treatment would need 6 vials costing up to $3120) but for everyone else it would cost $390…the company is projecting $2.3 BILLION in profits from the Remdesivir being used for COVID-19. That is what is wrong with our healthcare system. They’re not looking to cure or heal, they’re looking to keep you sick, dumb, and uneducated..and by they I mean Big Pharma and Insurance companies.

  14. Yeah, I saw her fb page and youtube channel. Woman is wack.

  15. I believe that what she is saying is true and we who believe need to demand access to it! People can refuse this treatment, but do not keep it from us who would like to give it a try!

  16. The comment above by Karen is spot on. The sad thing with people down here in the valley is the level of ignorance. For one instead of listening to the message, you all go straight to judging the messenger. Notice there are several other doctors than this so called “quack” doctor stating the same thing. So while our loved ones, if not us die while these people play politics and money making pharma games, go ahead and keep your head in the sand. The bigger question is why are they keeping us silent? They’re not protecting us from false information. They’re protecting themselves from being exposed. Hmmm….. Sounds just like the media. Trump has tried from the very beginning to get this medication out to be used, but he like with many other times got blocked right away. He’s getting in the way of a money making vaccine.
    How many of you will be the first to be vaccinated by something Bill Gates creates? He’s not even a physician.


  18. In Garcia’s I believe. I think you can find the meds individually too at other pharmacies if Garcia’s is out.

  19. You would think as a doctor she would know better than to talk about demon sperm at the same time as talking about a cure. Even if her drug cocktail works, demon sperm will almost always invalidate any debate.

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