Like mom, like daughter.

Some individuals on social media want to make you believe they are good individuals because they talk about the bible but in reality are far from it.
Just because they started a group titled “Warriors against bullying”, they want to make you believe they are not bullies, in reality Margie Castro and her daughter DJ Jellybean (Takuachi 69) are nothing but scum and are criminals.

I want to know what happened to the innocent sweet little girl that Jellybean used to be, what caused her to turn into the thug we all know online as Takuachi 69, the snitch.

Little Jellybean

Why did you turn into the thug?

Takuachi 69 formerly known as DJ jellybean

Why did you start an anti-bullying group but really just use it to try to bully me. You ain’t fooling anyone Brisa, eres puro escrape.

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