Chiskis alleged leaked sex audio tapes

We just received leaked sex audio from what allegedly sounds like none other than Chiskis Tijerina speaking to some other person on the phone and having phone sex. We have a small clip that we have decided to post.
In the clip below, we hear what we think is la chiskiada saying the following, “but like down there, I can tell you, I’m like a vice grip.. that’s probably like equivalent of you saying that to me right… no other way to put it and saying I’m tight as fuck, there’s no other way to be honest”

Our understanding is that la chiskiada only met this person today through the phone and started saying these things, you be the judge, is it la chiskiada?

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  1. I think she’s talking to Roman Pena to build confidence in his pre-adolescent sized penis!!

  2. Omg she nasty barely know this guy and talking about how tight she is wtf first all girl u look like u would sleep with anyone cause ur desperate and doubt ur tight and believe me I am not saying that cause u have four or five kids cause that shit ain’t true about having kids make u loose but you just look like ur dirty and u would sleep with anyone and that’s crazy u talking like that ms wannabe senator

  3. She sounds wired as fuck

  4. And one day your girls are going to hear this too VT 🤮

  5. That’s so gross ass s***

  6. Might’ve been she was talking about her Aldo shoes


  7. Naw……Cannot even imagine the stink that comes from her diseased cunt……….

  8. Yup that VT 😂

  9. This sounds more like advertising than phone sex

  10. Whole convo or it’s not true! Could be talking bout something else…

  11. Don’t Vote Vanessa 2020 October 7, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    She is disgusting. She couldn’t sound sexy even if she was paid for it. I’m sure the person she was talking to was trolling the fuck out of her and the dumbass fell for it. Jokes on her. I’m sure she will try to discredit the clip then expose the person who taped her. I’m sure she knows exactly who she was talking to.

  12. Wow and just wow! J

  13. 🤣🤣

  14. She really need to stop catfishing people with the looseness

  15. That’s her and 🤮

  16. Wait wait wait she’s got to be referring to her sphincter muscle and anal cavity, because there’s no way she’s referring to her heavily traveled vagina…..If her vagina had an odometer it would have rolled over at least twice.

  17. If she’s trying to have phone sex, she needs to be taught a few things! That’s not how u do it, chiskis…grosss!

  18. That’s definitely her voice!

  19. Groooooooooss! If you have to tell someone you’re tight, it’s bc you AINT GOT WALLS !

  20. Right…… after 4 kids? Why the incontinence pads that were in the trunk of her car. To me that indicates she can’t hold her bladder.

  21. A la!!

  22. Nidia G Mireles October 7, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    Its her and she is loose as fck

  23. That’s vt lol

  24. Vanessa Tijerina 43 years old 5’3″ 190 lbs of out of shape drug addict talking about the tightness of her floppy vagina…….One classy woman

  25. Could the conversation be misconstrued? Is it actually phone sex or her speaking about something else 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Dumb as fuck!

  27. Hmmm idk but if this is phone sex talk..does not sound sexy AT ALL lol

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