The 2nd clip de Chiskis Caliente

Previously we used the word alleged in the 1st sound clip, we knew it was Vanessa Tijerina but for legal purposes we used the word “alleged”. Today she made a new video and acknowledged that the woman on the sound clip is indeed her and that she was being chacalona. Now that we know it was her, here is a 2nd sound clip which is the last minute of the 3 hour conversation. I wrote the dialog that took place between both parties but muted the anonymous person to protect his identity, however the conversation is as follows.

Chiskis “Okay, do you want it with it off”
Anonymous “Don’t show your face, I want you to feel confident”
Chiskis “I do have a tattoo though that can identify … so I’m just going to trust you, I’m going to off blind faith, I’m going to trust you
Anonymous “And I could lose my job if that makes you feel more comfortable knowing..”
Chiskis “And I could lose my election, I could lose my political legacy is on the line
Anonymous “So then we have like mutual agreement of destruction
Chiskis “Yeah, yes we have a mutual agreement, yes yes yes yes
Anonymous “I can’t wait”
Chiskis “Take care , okay after this, hopefully you will give me a thumbs up or something that you got it right?
Anonymous “No shit yeah!!”
Chiskis “You take care, I promise that you’ll get it right now, I’m not a flake, you’ll get it

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  1. Does she sound drunk?

  2. Are we ever going to see that pic she sent ? Asking for a friend, a sick dirty friend with a huge curiosity problem.

  3. arbys and no vise grip

  4. This is tasteless and unconscionable Frank. Quit doing this high school shit already and focus on reporting the issues. I can’t believe someone so well-educated and seemingly level-headed would be so crass.

  5. Sounds like Slurred speech. Drunk and or high or both.

  6. Mira

  7. Wow it’s a totally different story she gave.

  8. Dude you literally left his name when she spoke it and can easily be identified with her post earlier 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Lmao but she was not being flirtatious according to her.

  10. Gross!

  11. Wow😲

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