What really happened at court on September 23rd

We have received the official transcripts from court under the freedom of information act for the day of September 23rd for Vanessa Tijerina. If you remember correctly, a few weeks ago on Facebook the court was going to livestream the event from Youtube but la chiskiada cried to the court and Judge Cordova made exception and granted that court be done in person.

We learned in the transcript a couple of things or rather confirmed a few things. Judge Cordova is definitely a judge that has the best interests of children such as mentioning the kids see counseling and telling the father since he has the kids now that he needs to do whatever it takes so that the kids get to the counseling and if it’s going to cost money, then that is what it will take. As mentioned on our Facebook post from then, he (Cordova) did grant Ms. Tijerina the ability to talk the girls twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays a 20 minute phone call with each of them but made it clear that kids are kids and sometimes their attention span is very limited and may not always want to talk on the phone and to not Roman accountable for it.

One thing that we did learn and it did not surprise us, is that la chiskiada did not know whether the girls had health insurance or not, she almost lied to the court but then retracted and said “she honestly didn’t know” and that she’s not taken them to a doctor so she’s not had to utilize medicaid. What this tells us is la chiskiada has literally neglected her children to even take them to the doctor for a yearly evaluation which can help developmental delays, doctors can diagnose these type of things but if children are never taken to the doctor, there is no one to know. How can la chiskiada say her children have ADHD, Autism when it’s clear she has not taken them to professionals, on top of that has taken them out of school, how where they ever going to get therapies if needed? She was setting them up for failure. Kids need a normal routine, and if she claims her kids have these things, why didn’t she ever do anything about it? Porque es la chiskiada!

Next court date is scheduled on October 23rd in relations to the protective order.

Full transcript is available here, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. A good entry in the novela of the life de la chiskiada

  2. Ms. Vanessa Tijerina has gone against court orders today, Sunday, November 1, 2020, on her FB live video. She stated on her last phone call with her daughters, her youngest mentioned that the police treated them badly (paraphrased). She continued to address the statement from her youngest daughter. She blatantly went against Judge Cordova’s orders. She also stated that she spoke to Roman (since he was listening in on the phone call) that she forgave him for all that he has done to her up until this point. Of course the video is recorded on her way to church and she continues with her condescending comments about the Lucios and all Texas state reps, judges….etc. etc. My issues is with the blatant disregard to Judge Cordova’s orders in regards to her daughters and their father.

  3. Some of these anonymous comments seem to be la chiskis or her follower. Worried more about la chiskis then the girls.

  4. My little girls have autism spectrum and my wife takes them to MONTHLY checkups with there neurologist. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Yes please a full transcript would be great. Let us the people decide… this is so one sided.. y el papa de las niñas que? Why can’t he apply for Medicaid or get a real job that will allow those children to have health insurance? The father is no saint either… just because he got custody he gets to be off the hook??? Where was he this whole time?

  6. I believe the full transcript should be made public so we can see exactly who she is

  7. Obsessing over 1 woman is really creepy

  8. I would definitely like to read the whole transcript

  9. She can’t see past that Senate seat that she’ll never, ever, ever, ever, win. Her children should be her focus, yet sadly they are not. She’s unfit as a mother, imagine how shitty of a Senator she’d be.
    She needs mental health therapy and weekly drug testing.

  10. Doesn’t anyone else on here think Frank is too obsessed with this girl? I joined this page because of its name. Perhaps a quick read, distracting entertainment from everyday life, but he doesn’t talk about anyone else but that girl Vanessa. His page should be named after her since all his content is on her. What’s going on with other politicians? Why the obsession? Personal vendetta for what? Does Frank like her romantically and she rejected him? I don’t understand why a man would go so hard over a woman’s life; even to the point of driving by her house and taking pictures; following her around. Kind of disturbing, very concerning.

  11. She is a real piece of shit. Lazy, addicted to drugs, and believe she can change her town if she can’t even change herself. Unbelievable smh

  12. Although I’m not surprised, I’m still disgusted. Clearly those babies are not a priority nor have they ever been!

  13. so sad,may the girls get all the help they can,also VT you need SERIOUS help

  14. Wow this lady seriously SUCKS! Smh

  15. So, where is the juicy gossip??? Just that her kids dont have insurance? Give us more!!!

  16. Being a nurse you would think it would be important to her to get the girls a well check every year by a Dr. She needs to put her phone and drugs down and wake tf up! I hope the girls are happy with their daddy.

  17. Extremely sad situation for the girls…they are better off where they’re at…thanks for summarizing it and for using good grammar:)

  18. Oh but her happy ass is making damn videos day in and day out hours and hours at a time…that she can remember to do..right? Mira! WOW! That’s disgusting! #notmysenator

  19. Taking those children to the doctor annually is the least she could do for her children. Getting them all the health and educational resources at her disposal is the least she could do for these children. She couldn’t even provide that much less a structured environment or household. She has no business with custody of her children. Paying bail is more important then making sure they have healthcare…


  20. Does it say anything about drug testing???

  21. Is that it from the 44 pages???

  22. The information seems to be incomplete and alot of assumptions made. Can you post the while transcript to clarify..

  23. Jesus, how do you not know if your children have health insurance. Even healthy kids have to go to the Dr. annually. Checkups, vaccines, growth tracking. She is a pathetic excuse for a mother.

  24. Vanessa Tijerina is a Drug Addicted Sociopath who has used her children as tools to manipulate anyone and everyone she could. Clearly, she should NEVER have custody of those girls ever again.

    At this juncture in her life, Vanessa Tijerina has exhausted all remaining Socially Redeeming Qualities. Simply put, until she is drug free Vanessa will continue to add ZERO value to Rio Grande Valley Community.

    In summary; When is Judge Cordova and the Willacy County Judiciary going to put a halt to the Tijerina Tragedy and incarcerate this drug addicted and deeply mentally ill person?

  25. Damn that’s fucked up. She reminds of DeeDee Blanchard from the little girl of Gypsy Rose.

  26. Vanessa is Mentally Retarded and a Fullblown Lier…She’s disgusting and is a Crack head…The Fat Bitch cares more about herself then her own kids..Vanessa does Crack and Cocaine because she has Fat Genes and is Naturally Fat and thats the way she can lose weight is by smoking Crack..

  27. She needs help and this is just more beyond her behavior but towards her daughters being neglected and how someone in that state of mind can raise them.

  28. But where are the rest of the transcripts

  29. A beaten down woman.
    Judge Fonseca is my hero.
    To want to move a mountain around her children to protect them from their mother.
    He is my hero.

  30. Where can we access the whole transcript. I’d like to read it and entertain myself

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