How I’m feeling.

One of man’s greatest assets is the ability to communicate, it’s how man became the dominant species in the planet. We live in the digital age now where social media is part of our daily lives and we don’t think much about it because we’re so used to it. I can definitely tell you the first few days not being on Facebook was pretty strange, felt like I was back in 1999 (the year I originally moved to Houston). That year I had left Brownsville in the middle of my 10th grade year at Rivera High School and not being able to communicate with all my classmates was pretty difficult, most people didn’t have cell phones and much less a computer and social media wasn’t really around so for the first couple of years. Times are different now and we have so many options when it comes to social media and in reality we end up adding the same people anyway so not being on Facebook hasn’t been so difficult as I initially thought.

I’ve also learned the people that want to talk to you will find a way to reach out to you and that’s what I’ve learned during these past two weeks that not everyone on your Facebook friends list is actually your friend and some of them are just there to spy on you.

If I don’t get back on Facebook for whatever reason, you can find me on Instagram and on YouTube and you can think of this website as a little Facebook place where I can post my thoughts without worrying about being put in FB jail, it really is my personal digital extension to the outside world.

Thank you all and subscribe to the newsletter and follow on the other social media accounts.

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laying off social media…def something to be proud of!