Cheez, talks about family, bashes his sister.

While we don’t know the whole story on why cheez doesn’t talk to his sister Melissa Castro, one thing we do know is the following.  Cheez talks about the bible all the time, knows every word in the scripture like the back of his fat hand and has a theology degree and goes to church every Sunday, he posts on facebook every Sunday “Off to worship” but what does he exactly learn there? If he is a man of the Lord, why is a he complete asshole and a liar?  This guy don’t give a damn who he throws under the bus, even his own family, so you can be rest assured he is not going to care about any citizens.  So let’s analyze some information.

Brownsville Raza is a page/group/community by Melissa Castro, who is the sister of none other than Erasmo Castro.  The page started to help out people in Brownsville and Matamoros and organize events for the less fortunate and raise awareness for people with life threatening medical conditions.  Cheezmeh of course, always meddling in people’s business and trying not to be left out of the spotlight, started an alternate page, to what we know now called Brownsville Cheezmeh. So who started first?  Melissa started to announce about Brownsville Raza sometime around December 11th 2010, as the picture below shows.


What happens next? Cheezmeh hates being left behind so he starts a page called “Brownsville Cheezmeh”, the picture dated December 14, 2010. He starts by begging people to send stuff to his way, regardless of whether it is factual or not, the important thing is that he needs to compete  by any means possible.


At this point, cheezmeh starts picking up steam and quickly and starts throwing stones towards Melissa Castro / Brownsville Raza.

Melissa calls out her opposition maybe not knowing at the time, the person responsible for “Brownsville Cheezmeh” was that of her own kin,maybe she knew in her heart that the worse was about to come.


Cheezmeh, the next day plays victim and fakes that his account is hacked. This is a tactic he uses when he wants people to feel pity for him, by now his account has been hacked over 50 times. He also states that his main target is “Brownsville Raza”, or most importantly his own sister Melissa Castro.


After this,  cheezmeh starts bashing his own sister, publicly, using a picture of Mother Teresa and putting the picture of Melissa in the picture. Puts her Date of Birth out there.  It is when Melissa finds out that is Erasmo, her brother is behind it all. She posts the following on her wall.


The following day on December 16th. Melissa went to Matamoros, to make a press conference on donating toys and clothes and other things for the kids in need.


Cheezmeh being the hater he is, posts the following to bash his own family.   So what if maybe it was only $350 dollars, something is something. Also mentions “thousands of pictures” isn’t that what he does now? Sends his other Linda while he has been living in Austin to take pictures of all those pencil drives and other events he doesn’t go and act like he did something? What a hypocrite.


He then actually calls her out by calling her out “manita” which means sister in spanish and makes fun of her again by bashing Brownsville Raza and getting jealous because the media had covered the story.


He again and deliberately bashes his sister, this time saying why don’t they do anything anything for the elderly?  Why is there not a fashion show.


In case anyone wants to know, what is a fashion show. Melissa uses a fashion show to raise awareness for a certain cause, in most cases it is a type of model runway event where the proceeds will go to help that person or the family.  An example illustrated below. This is a fashion show for a girl with cancer named Valeria Garcia, pretty sad that a person has to make fun of someone trying to help out people. This picture was taken from the album of Melissa Castro


Then again he bashes Melissa by posting publicly a fake message sent to him.  A lady supposedly says in Spanish that she needs her vagina reconstructed because she lost her virginity and if there can be a fashion show made for her to get donations for reconstructive surgery and that it is urgent.  Seriously, this guy stoops so low to create bullshit, and posts this up.


This guy doesn’t stop as everyone knows by now and keeps going the next day. Followers ask cheezmeh “Do you guys have something against the Brownsville Raza page?” to which he responds, THIS IS NOT AN ANTI BROWNSVILLE RAZA PAGE but states they just don’t agree with their page.


The following day, this gets posted. He attacks Brownsville Raza again (Melissa Castro) and says to go cry to someone who gives a damn.  Then later Linda Castro responds on the comment, THEY NEED TO GET USED TO IT, this is the campaign manager for Erasmo Castro.  Cheezmeh replies with another fake message “Brownsville Raza has been blocking people from their page, I thought it was open to the public” Funny how now cheezmeh does exactly the same thing now.


As you can see, this is a guy without morals, attacks his own family but then says “I LOVE MY FAMILY” He is a liar, as you can clearly see.  This guy doesn’t care about anything or anyone, only himself. If he doesn’t respect his family, you think he’s going to respect the citizens of our city? He already has half of Brownsville on his hate list, he won’t stop until he has no one else to block.

His believers believe anything he says, they think he is Lord’s Gift. If he says the sky is green, they will believe it.

We tried to contact Melissa regarding this issue, but she declined to comment.  It is more than likely that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. If we were related to Cheez, we wouldn’t either, so we can’t blame her.









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