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Wondering who the guy with so many computer monitors is? Well, if you haven’t guessed it, its me šŸ˜€ . Many people ask me how I have a lot of free time to spend on the computer and be on the internet all day.  Well the truth is that, I don’t really get on the internet all day, but since I work at home, it seems like I have nothing else to do, but I am really working, but sure I get to be on Facebook during those times :D.  Once I finish work, then get off the computer and do other things like spend spend time with my son, play basketball with my friends, and other things. I’ve been working in pajamas now for many years and the last office job I had was back in 2008 when I was the IT support for Edelsteins Furniture, but after they sold to FAMSA I got laid off.  I always knew about work at home positions, but since I thought I would stay probably at Edelsteins for all my life, I never really looked into them. Once I got laid off and knew that nothing lasts forever, I tried my luck working at home and been here since.  I ran a job search page on Facebook/Web called BrownsvilleJobSearch.com,  it was a hobby of mine to help people find jobs out there, not just specifically on the internet but everywhere around town,  it really took a lot of resources to manage and keep on top of things so I stopped doing it after a year, but literally I would say I helped over 150+ people find a job.  Since I don’t plan on going in depth with a job search page anymore, and rather focus more on blogging,  I think the least I could do is share a few resources such as where to find employment online.   There’s plenty of jobs to work at home from ,but with so many scammers out there, it’s hard to tell if you’re being scammed or not.  I have verified the following jobs below are 100% legit.  Without further a due, the job list.  Oh I forgot to mention that the majority of these jobs require a good desktop computer and reliable internet such as AT&T, or Timewarner.

westathome West Corp.
I actually worked for this company at the main call center in Harlingen sometime around 2003.   It sucked since at that particular time, I was taking calls for infomercials.     You know those commercials that come out for $19.99 as seen on TV products? Well the person answering those calls was people like me :D.  The work at home position is totally different. While working for West at Home, I was assigned to the GE project and helped customers with their out of warranty calls and schedule technicians for domestic appliances.  I don’t know if West still takes calls for GE products however they have a lot of projects in communications, healthcare, retail, travel.  Apply using this link.   Update, this company is now called Alorica which you can apply on the link http://www.apply.westathome.com/applynow.html


Sykes Home
This company originally was called Alpine Access and as long as I remember has been a work at home customer service company for the longest time.  In the beginning you had to live in Colorado to work at home but after it got bought out by this other company, they hire in multiple states which includes Texas. Sykes is basically a competitor to that of West Corporation so many of the projects are similar as communications, healthcare, retail, travel and so forth. To apply click on the following link. https://jobs.alpineaccess.com/

convergs Convergys
I’m sure many of you may have remembered Convergys here in Brownsville. It was on Price Rd and for the most part if I remember correctly, it was the 3rd or 4th top employer in our city. They have closed down and since then and has been renovated now by Southern Careers Institute. They have had a work at home program for many years and take similar calls such as West Corp and Sykes.  If you need to apply to this company click on the following link. http://careers.convergys.com/home-agent.php

vipdeskAspire Lifestyles / VIP Desk
Don’t you wish you had a shit load of money and you could call a dedicated number up and they already know you by name and all you have to tell them is what you want and they will get it for you? Let’s say you want to travel to Europe today by business class, so you call the number you have assigned and say “I need to get to Paris by tonight, make it happen vato” and 15 minutes later, next thing you know, you have first class tickets sent to your email so you can just go to the airport and fly away.  Well, often wondered who the people are that take these calls? Well this company VIP Desk, is exactly that. They cater to the elite and rich and famous. They seem to pay pretty decent also in the $10-$12 range.  If you’re interested in applying, click here.  https://vipdeskconnect.com/careers

languagelineLanguage Line Solutions
We live in Brownsville, and just about everyone speaks Spanish, granted that there’s a few people that don’t.  However when I mention just about everyone, doesn’t mean that everyone speaks Spanish properly as there is a thing called “Spanglish” where people speak English and Spanish and we assume that is Spanish too but it is not. This company  has agents that work at home interpreters that translate in real time for clients who need assistance in Spanish or if you happen to speak another language like Arabic, Chinese, or whatever then there’s a position for you.  Believe it or not, I have a friend who’s blind and is able to manage using a computer and work for this company and interpret.  The minimum per hour that you get paid is $7.25/hour but pay is also per talk minute @ 0.24cents.  So if you manage to talk one whole hour, that is $14.40/hour.  If you’re interested you can check out the job site here.  https://www.languageline.com/company/careers/

apple-at-homeApple at Home Advisor
Apple is a big company, and have a shit load of money to spend. I think if I read correctly, they are like in the top 10 biggest companies in the world with profits in the billions of dollars, now that’s a lot of bucks.  A lot of it has to do with great marketing since if you go buy a Mac, you’ll end up spending a good $1500 for a decent model where you can get the same specifications on a PC for half the price.  But props to them, I work in IT and I must say their software engineering team developed a great operating system which doesn’t seem to have to many problems and for the entry level person, can learn how to use it quickly. As the market share in computing for Apple grows, tech support is needed to support the ever growing amount of users on iphones, imacs, ipods, icloud, itv, and whatever else.  Many tech friends of mine who worked with me, currently work for apple at home and say nothing but good things, so if they say it’s a great company to work for, I’ll take their word for it.  https://www.apple.com/jobs/us/aha.html

This is a great company out of Texas, San Marcos to be specific. Just about anyone can get hired and pay starts off at $10/hour after training is completed.  You may not need to know everything there is on how the internet works however you do need to have a niche for learning and looking for answers on your own. I’ve worked at this company before for many years and they have a great flexible schedule whether you want to work part time or full time.  If you are interested in applying for this position, then all you have to do is follow the link.  https://www.telenetwork.com/tsr.html


They are teachers everywhere and teachers for everything. There’s teachers that teach how to pole dance but I think that is a little bit off topic for this post :D.  But on a serious note for those teachers that maybe are in the waiting list to teach somewhere in BISD, IDEA, and other schools around town, this may be a good place to look and see if they are any positions available.  I currently checked for any teaching positions in Texas, and there isn’t momentarily but I would advise you bookmark this site and check often about every two weeks and see what comes out.  When I ran the job search page, there was several positions for Texas teaching positions.  Stop by their website.

Many clinics have in house medical coders but they are some small clinics that may not have the resources to hire in house and thus require outsourcing to other companies or individuals. I don’t know much about the medical industry so I won’t get to detailed however I am sure a lot of people have experience in this field and thus I wanted to share it.  I heard through someone in the past who worked at this company they were making some good money so if anyone is interested click on the link.http://mmodal.com/about-us/careers/coding-opportunities/

Any accountants out there? This company hires certified accounting professionals. More than likely you already have your small business or work for another company but if your looking for extra work then this company allows you to work at the comfort of your own home.  I was looking at the website and it says that after 6months of working 20hours a week you can get paid about $2,000 a month or if you want to go full time you can make upwards $5000 – 8000.  You’ll need a college degree in accounting or business but you can hop on their website and take a look yourself.  http://bookminders.com/careers/job-listing/

There’s many more work at home positions available on the internet, many of which I didn’t include since I didn’t have time to research them all, but I’ll be updating this post in the coming weeks and include more online positions.  I hope you guys share my page and most importantly tell them how awesome this blog is šŸ™‚

saludos cordiales.

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Frank Mar

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  1. really good information … thanks bro …ill be spreading the word homito

  2. I follow erasmo’s page and yours. Great information. I don’t know why he hate you so much. Props !

  3. sounds good , just a question , how does it work for the interviews ? you have to go somewhere or they visit or by phone or what ??

  4. Some of them are phone interviews mostly, and some are video conference through Skype or Google Hangouts.

  5. Arise is another work at home legit company. Only problem I had was I spent a lot of money to get started (;paying for the training) and when I went to take the test to take calls for Barnes and Noble, one of their clients, my computer crashed, I couldnt test and no one could help me. So dissapointed but I got to now some workers who had done it for a long time. I just couldnt afford to put any more money into it when it crashed twice. Bought a new computer and same problem.

  6. Hi bonnie, I didn’t mention arise because even though it’s legit… I actually tried it once.. But you have to open a LLC and pay for training and alot of things… That to me wasn’t worth putting so much into it.. However will look into next time. Thanks for reading this article.

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