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Are you tired of your job? Want to make $1000 – $2000 a week part time?,  send me an inbox or email so you can learn how to live the life you always wanted.  These are some of the typical messages you’ll find scammers posting through online pulga (fleamarket) pages on a daily basis.  I mean honestly, do you believe their shit? Some people do and it’s sick. These con-artists have learned the art on how to prey on poor people and utilize various methods of deception.  In this article I will talk about the typical things I see on a daily basis and how I have even called some of them out on their game.


Pretending he is a high roller.

Through out the years I have met several people with considerable amounts of wealth in South America, Mexico, and the United States.  All these people had a few things in common when it came down about money.  One, they never brag about how much money they make and second, they keep to themselves in what businesses or profession they are in. When was the last time you seen Bill Gates saying “Hey look, I got a 50 billion dollars?”, you may see Floyd Mayweather on instagram flaunting that he’s rich, but okay that’s him, but how many other people that you know are rich do this?   You may have seen in La Pulga Online or similar pages about a guy driving a Black Ferrari saying he is making $500 – $800 a day in Forex (Foreign Exchange trading) and when you ask on the comments what he does for a living, you’ll get a response “Inbox me” and this is just one guy out of a hundred I’ve personally seen, and they all have same tactics in deceiving people.  They try to create a false image about them living in lavish lifestyles by using other people’s vehicles, homes, and most of them know are friends on Facebook and use a strategy called “buddy lying” by commenting on each other’s pictures to create a thread and make other people believe that what they are doing is true. You’ll see one guy in a fancy car and then in the comment box one of their friends says “Wow nice ride, I guess that new strategy you told me about is working” followed up by a 3rd person “Looks like you took my advice and talked to Tom from the Bently dealership to get you that custom package you wanted” and sure enough you have the believers thinking that the person who posted the picture is actually making that amount of money to afford such car.  I did a little experiment of my own to see what would happen.


Living the new life. Blogging for a passion. Me on my computer

About a week ago, I hired an amateur photographer from craigslist to take a few pictures of me in downtown Houston, nothing fancy.  I put a few pictures on my facebook and put the caption “New life is my new freedom.” and immediately I started having some friends asking me what happened to my job and I would tell them “Got a new job, blogging” and people starting sending me private messages “Hey man, how much are you making” or something along the likes of “I want to blog too, show me how” At this point, I could have lied to them and if I wanted, told them to buy a training method from me and learn how to make money by “blogging”… while there is money to be made in blogging it actually is very hard and requires a lot of work, I write for fun and most importantly when I have the time to do so although I do wish that maybe one day I can make some considerate amount of monies 🙂 The online scammers that I’ve uncovered use this strategy in deceiving people and when you ask them what they are doing to make money, they usually will tell you to enroll in a training method that will cost you money.  So what happens? Well you are thinking, well these guys sure look like their making money, let me enroll in the training course, you pay the $100 bucks and next thing you know, you’re hard earned cash down the drain, and if you ask what you’re doing wrong they will simply tell you “You’re not working hard enough, you’re doing it wrong..etc..” Well the truth is, you’re doing everything right, just that it doesn’t work” but for them, they just got a $100 off you and who knows how many other people.


Supposedly, the guy has a million dollars.

This picture posted on October 22nd of this year by one of the scammers makes you think that he withdrew a couple of hundred dollars from his personal savings account from Chase and his balance is just a bit over 1 million dollars.  Notice the people commenting “nice work keep it up” and people in disbelief with someone saying “WHOA!!!”  But does this guy actually have one million dollars or is he full of shit? Well after doing a quick reverse image on google, this is what I found.


Same receipt from an article on April 2013

The image above is from a story about a reporter’s friend who went to withdraw money at Chase and found two receipts, one was from a person who didn’t have enough funds and another receipt from a person who seems to have a good sized savings account.  Notice what I highlighted in red, same sequence number as what the scammer posted, and the exact same amount of money, with exactly the same blue circle….. He ain’t fooling anyone but himself.   This article originally came out in April of 2013 on Businessinsider which is a reputable online source for finances, you can read the article here on this link –>

forex trading

Forex Trading

While there is money to be made in Foreign Exchange Trading (Forex), it’s not an easy thing to do, otherwise everyone would be doing it but it is legit and money can be made.  Forex basically is learning when to buy and sell currency so that you can be profitable.  Think about those Casa de cambios on International in front of TSC right before you go across into Matamoros, well basically those businesses buy and sell dollars/pesos in large amounts and at the end of the day or week or month make a profit to stay afloat, well that is basically Forex but not just dealing with dollars and pesos but with other currency world wide.  Think of Forex as a stock exchange, except it’s open 24 hours and if you’re knowledgeable enough to understand the different terminologies, different economic and political factors for each country that you’re trading currency, you can make money but it’s not an easy thing.  Most brokers require a minimum opening deposit of $2000 and upwards to open an account with them, and if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, I’m pretty sure the last thing you’re going to do is basically gamble money away, these scammers don’t tell you that, you may not have $2000 dollars however,you can easily give 100bucks to the scammers and never hear from them ever again.   Do not be fooled people, they are so many scams out there that can easily be believed, but if it’s too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.  One of the local scammers who is from the valley blocked me after I had a discussion with him, I basically confronted him after he was posting pictures of exotic meals and I called him out about using images from other sites I found from articles posted years ago 😀  If you have any questions about these scams or other scams floating around, message me on facebook, comment on this article, or shoot me an email under the contact section of this website and I’ll try to get back to you.  It’s your money, take care of it.

If you need any further proof.  I found a video of the mastermind record a video on exactly what they are doing.  It was recorded a year ago in 2014 when they were doing the whole MCA thing (Motor Club of America) which is a multi-level marketing program that sells roadside assistance other services. Apparently they have found greater success foregoing the middle man and just keeping more money to themselves but the act is the same, is putting on a show online and making people believe something they are not.

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