Texas Secretary Of State: Carlos Cascos Encourages EVERYONE To Vote Through Innovative Ways That are Reaching Millions

Viva Zworski-

“Hurray to another Brownsville Texas Legend! “

Yes! Our Secretary of the State of Texas is definitely making a positive Change and creating a Movement. He beleived that he could help our city and look at him now, our children visit his Carlos H. Cascos Wikipedia for Inspiration.

With technology and innovative ways, Carlos Cascos is reaching millions through Pandora Internet Radio and social Media such as Facebook to encourage people from all walks of life, and religions to get out there and Vote!

The United States of America was founded on religious freedom for everybody. Every single one of your votes counts and this enables  Brownsville Texas to be heard more constantly by the President and everyone in office.  Voting also helps us to receive more funding  and this positively leads to the creation of more jobs and opportunities! This will mean that we will be given the dreams of our lives to beautify and make our city even more beautiful than it already is!

We have a paradise at home and we definitely deserve to put ourselves out there on the map like the big leagues. All we have to do is to believe that we can and that corruption will soon be something of the past. We are all on this together and no matter who you vote for, remember that your vote will count and  will be seen!

If this is done, within five years, SpaceX Brownsville will be at it’s prime and more businesses will be attracted to our city! Together we stand, Divided we Fall. Believe that we can!

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