When sunshine stopped shining.

All living things come to and end, even trees that have been found to be alive after thousands of years come to an end too. It is with great sadness and heart ache that our dog Sunshine tragically passed away today.

Several months ago she started getting seizures, at first I didn’t know what was wrong and feared she was going to die.  We took her to the vetenarian to have her checked out and the Doctor told us that certain breeds of dogs are more prone to seizures than others, Sunshine was one of those breeds.  The vet reassured us that with treatment, dogs with seizures can live meaningful lives and to just monitor the amount of seizures. Sure enough the medicine seemed to be effective and the amount of seizures seemed to be far and less in between as compared when she wasn’t on the medicine.   After some months the seizures started to come back and they were more aggressive episodes that endured into the night.  We started to consider other options such as euthanasia but when you consider a dog as part of family it is the last thing that you really want to think about.  We kept monitoring her progress these last few weeks and she was doing better, playing as always, ripping everything that was outside,  shoes,  clothes, plants…everything was fair game.  She also escaped several times, one of which prompted a neighborhood search and after missing for 4 days, they found her.

Sunshine never had any puppies of her own, maybe if she had any it may have helped her symptoms after all that maternal instinct animals have is pretty strong but with her condition it would be unclear if she would of been to care for her pups.  They say all dogs go to heaven,  I would like to believe that is true,  animals are heavingly creatures and without them, life would be pretty boring. Wherever Sunshine may be now, she is no longer suffering and in a better place.

Love you always girl.



My son with Sunshine, Christmas 2005

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