Viva Zworski: My Hairy Tale 

So far in life, I’ve had less than 12 haircuts…. Crazy right? I know, it sounds incredible but Even when I look stylish, I rarely enter a hair styling salon. 

I stopped going to the hair salon at 14 years old because my mother let it up to me to choose my hairstyles and lengths. Oh my! I felt so much freedom because my mother always chose for me when I was younger and it made me feel like a rebel once I was on my own. So I chose to teach myself how to cut, dye and style my hair. I played around with so many colors on my hair that I stopped dying my hair at all. Three years ago, I chopped my hair up to my ears with the kitchen scissors because I was tired of having long hair and in a desperate moment….woops, there goes all of my hair, followed by…then I regretted it later…. I maybe cried for four months thanks to my impulsive decision. 

Now my hair is back to my lower back and I often contemplate on doing so many things to it before maybe chopping it off again.

Sometimes I want to dye it pink or blue. Other times I want to trim it at the hairtips and slowly do a few different haircuts until I reach my bra line. Then most of the time I just shut my brain off, and tell myself that we will take a good hair decision in a later date because I don’t want to fulfill the crazy pink hair.

I believe it is time for a hair change because my summer sun kissed hair is getting out of control.

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Viva Zworski

A very talented individual who loves the beauty of art and being an artist to all of its extense. I am very spiritual, honest, and have a strong personality. I love doing independent movies and planning on higher projects on the near future. I paint, I sing, I photograph, Hosting, TV commercials, Media modeling and more..... Overall, I am just another human being like you.

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  1. Im here just for your posts, totally hillarious or crazy, just like me.
    PS: Youre totally classy, stunning and gorgeous, Im your fan Viva

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