Linda Castro Dragustinovis replaces Erasmo Castro for BISD Trustee election

In a weird twisted plot, Erasmo Castro who is running for BISD Board Trustee Place #5 and lives currently in Austin, TX has possibly decided not to run anymore and instead sent his sister Linda Castro Dragustinovis in his place.  El Cheezmeh known to the social media world was absent today from today’s ballot drawing which determined which name appears first on the ballot for the upcoming election in November.  Mr. Castro who has in fact been living in Austin since the year 2010 has decided not to return our phone calls or messages and plead the fifth as to why he was absent today. He has continued to fail answering to the public why he continues to run for public office in a city he doesn’t reside in.  It really doesn’t surprise anyone today about his absence as in his previous attempt to run for public office (Democratic County Chair) he failed to show up for any meetings and instead sent his lawyer to represent him.


Linda Castro on the far left, representing the absent Cheez from Austin.


Ballot positions for the BISD Board.

With today being the last day to register to run for the BISD Board, the final names have been cemented and the race is now officially on.   I had originally thought of running for the BISD Board myself and put myself in the Position #3 but in the end after careful consideration pulled out for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is that I don’t currently live in Brownsville for the time being and it wouldn’t be fair for the people and most importantly students who attend BISD.  Being a BISD Board member would of required me to move back to Brownsville and live there full time to fully serve the people.  I am also involved in many projects currently in Houston mostly with basketball and a non profit company and in addition that I’m going back to school to continue my education will leave my very little time to do anything else, and not to mention spending time with the family.


Laura Perez and her husband smiling after landing the #1 spot on the ballot.

I have put my trust in Laura Perez-Reyes who I feel is the most qualified to run for position #5 and I know she’ll do a good job in office. She’s a lovely young woman with a loving family raising two beautiful children. She has lived in Brownsville all her life, attended Pace High School and finished her Masters Degree at UTRGV (Brownsville). I would like to ask everyone to vote for her when the time comes for BISD Trustee Place #5.  For more information on her campaign page stop by at

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