This depiction is the sad reality of my insomnia and Ativan dependency. I do not wish this upon anybody. I wish there was a cure for this ailment. Racing thoughts and my florid imagination won’t leave me alone at night no matter what. I have to sit down and brainstorm everything in paper in order for my mind to feel at ease, but still, something stays lingering on the back of my mind and I will never know what it is. 
It is at nights when I my mind works best and everything comes to life. Oh God! I want to fall asleep like a baby, but my mind won’t allow this. Sometimes I get desperate to find an exit to this curse. 

At times I wish this pain was non existent; it eats my soul away. Getting a full 6-7 hours of sleep would be heaven for me. It is always 4-5 hours of sleep or a full 12 hours straight; none are fun. I pray that one day I’ll fall asleep without this brain numbing pills. 

The best I can do Is make a use of this imagination that ignites at night like TnT dynamite. With that said, I just took my melatonin, my ambien, and my ativan. Bonne nuit. 

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Viva Zworski

A very talented individual who loves the beauty of art and being an artist to all of its extense. I am very spiritual, honest, and have a strong personality. I love doing independent movies and planning on higher projects on the near future. I paint, I sing, I photograph, Hosting, TV commercials, Media modeling and more..... Overall, I am just another human being like you.

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