Castro finally admits to living in Austin.

Two years ago, the case was cracked on Erasmo’s actual residence.  You can read the story that went viral at the time where even his landlord admitted in writing that he lived there.  Where has Cheez really lived these past 5 years? Find out the truth.

After the story was published, many of his own followers started doubting him and starting questioning on why he ran for city elections despite not living in Brownsville, many of them got blocked of course, but he was able to continue to fool the majority of other people.  One of the many ways he has continued to lie to people is by going down to Brownsville on a weekend and taking as many selfies as he can so that when he gets back, he’s able to publish these pictures throughout the week and make people believe he’s actually in Brownsville.   


A couple of days ago, Erasmo posted if anyone was going to invite him for breakfast for free, Trey Mendez a local attorney who also is a TSC Board member and close friends with Castro responded “on South Congress or Lamar?” ,  Erasmo responded jokingly “What is a Lamar?”,  Lamar is actually the street name of where the apartments he lives in Austin, but he tries to act like he doesn’t know, Trey then says in spanish “Overthere, by where you live” Referring to the Austin address which I previously uncovered,  Erasmo then says he doesn’t speak Spanish (which he does) but tries to play it off.  


Yesterday on April 12th, he posted this selfie captioning that his last day working at the American Cancer Society Call Center in Austin will be Wednesday and that he’ll be in Brownsville next week. But why would he have to post this if he’s always lived in Brownsville? On the picture he posted today, why would his Austin co-workers comment that he’s going to be missed?  Of course after all the overwhelming evidence he finally just had to come out clean and say it unofficially. So the question arises, why has Erasmo been allowed to run for public office despite not living there for over 8 years? He claims to want to fight corruption but is corrupt himself using a fake address that belongs to someone else to be eligible to run, isn’t that just wrong? I think the city should actually look into this as it’s stated that you need to live officially one full year for the district you want to run for. Someone should forward this story to the city attorney and have him removed from the ballot for being a damn liar. 

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