Using fake addresses to vote for el marrano

It’s amazing how low people can go to keep supporting Erasmo in any way shape or form.  Linda Castro aka “la hermana del cheeze” is resorting to using the same tactic that her brother has done for years in order to be able to vote in Brownsville and that is by using a fake address.  Linda Castro who happens to officially live in Los Fresnos has started to use her tax income business address as her residential address. 

Voter information for Linda Castro

Who voted on early election

On the above screenshots,  you can see Linda Castro using the address of 1216 East Madison Suite D as her residential address, although officially she lives in Los Fresnos and wouldn’t of been eligible to vote in Brownsville elections.  You can also see that Erasmo has continued to use the fake address that belongs to a family that owns a condo unit where Amigoland mall used to be, I actually cracked this two years ago, which you can CLICK HERE to read.  

Linda’s actual residence

633 Valle Alto Dr, Los Fresnos

If you go to the website which is used by the county to look up property information, you can simply do a search by property owner and type her name in, and you’ll see the results of her house in Los Fresnos.    A google maps shows this is the house that Linda physically resides in.  

1216 E Madison Brownsville, TX

As you can see, if you do a quick google map search and put that address in, this is what you see.  Erasmo Castro Sr (Cheez’s dad) acquired this piece of property many years ago and has his family use it for the notary and tax business.   Linda wasn’t able to vote for her brother Erasmo when he ran for mayor in 2015 nor when he ran for BISD trustee in 2016 because of her Los Fresnos residential address, more than likely Erasmo probably told her “Hermanita, necesito que votes por mi, haz lo mismo que yo y pon tu direcion de la oficina, acabo nadie va checar” and all of sudden while not being able to vote in Brownsville before, is able to do so now because of a business address?  Voter fraud at it’s finest. 

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