Erasmo Castro and Co. will attempt to sweet talk the DWI judge.

I was alerted earlier by fellow blog writer Bobby Wightman-Cervantes who runs Brownsville Voice that Erasmo Castro reached out to his buddy Jim Barton to make an attempt to reach out to Estela Chavez-Vasquez.   Estela happens to be the current judge for Cameron County Judicial Court #5 and was voted into office in 2016, she is due for re-election this February of 2020.  It just so happens that Castro’s case is yet to be unassigned and she is probably the next judge in line to receive the DWI case of Erasmo Castro and thus Jim Barton is attempting to invite her on the show that he and castro run titled, Whine with cheez. 

Jim Barton posted this earlier.

Jim Barton desperately trying his best.

Erasmo knows he’s in hot water with his upcoming DWI conviction and is trying his very best to use his powers of persuasion to have the judge on his show so that possibly she can take it easy on him in court.  If she does happen to be show up on the show, you’ll be assured that Erasmo will be posting her political campaign signs all over his page and say something along the lines of “She’s the best choice for Cameron County Judge, and the only choice”.    It is very clear that Castro is trying to influence the case, anybody that has a little bit of common sense knows this.   As stated many times before, el marrano is nothing more than a con-artist.  


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