BISD Erasmo Castro is sanctioned.

Chilaquiles de res con salsa verde

I was in Matamoros yesterday morning and had breakfast at Garcia’s restaurant which is walking distance from the bridge.  Had some great tasting coffee and some delicious chilaquiles with refried beans and a little salad which was also superbly delicious.  The breakfast also included pan dulce and fruit, yogurt, and I ate as much as I could for later I would be visiting the dentist to be getting oral surgery and be removing the last of my wisdom teeth.   Oral surgery went well although it was a bit of horrifying experience since they had to use a mini saw and cut the wisdom tooth into smaller pieces to be able to pull it out and the sound of that little saw going into teeth is nerve wrecking and I was clinching onto the chair.  

After getting out of the dentist I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend the BISD board meeting, my mouth was swollen making my cheek look really puffy and it was hurting pretty bad, however since I was in town, I had to personally swing by the administration building and attend the circus giving out free tickets.   While I was outside, I saw Erasmo Castro arriving via scooter,  he noticed me but didn’t look at me in the eye and quickly rushed inside, he was surprised to see me and knew that if I was there,  it wasn’t going to be a good evening for him.  It was a full house with several people having to stand outside the doors since there wasn’t any seats available, I came in early so I was able to sit in the very front row.  Several board members that didn’t know me personally but have heard of me where surprised to see me.   I did get to see Zachary Blevins, he sat next to me and we just shared funny stories of the whole marrano gate scandal going on. 

There was a public comment section, I was 4th in the list going after Zachary Blevins.  The whole room stared while I talked.  I kept it very cordial and straight down to the point without mentioning any names.  I had talked about about the inappropriate pictures of the student that posted half-naked pictures wearing nothing else than a towel and Castro loving the pictures by placing a love ❤️ reaction, the whole room was quiet when I said this.   It was mentioned earlier by Phil Cowen that he wanted to remove the sanction from the agenda,  I had to modify my speech a bit towards the end by saying that “If any board members do not care for the well being of the students, then this says a lot about you”,  I think it made good impact because seriously,  what kind of board member goes around adding students personally on facebook and later doing this kind of crap?

The meeting was very long, I was there from 5pm to about 9pm and the meeting was only half way done,  it was getting kind of late for me and I started to get pain in my mouth again, so I left and went home and get some rest. 


 Today I woke up and learned that Erasmo Castro was sanctioned after all and that all BISD board members voted to approve (except Castro).  The details of the sanction are still very unclear and more details will be brought up after BISD puts out details on their website,  but from what I had seen and heard is that Castro will no longer be able to visit any schools and or school functions, in essence rendering him useless and only making him available to board meetings.   Of course Erasmo first thing he did after the sanction is throw everyone under the bus by writing the following statement on his wall, it’s super long and talks about great detail about board members accepting monies, funny how none of this was mentioned only until now that shit is hitting the fan. 

The world is collapsing on Erasmo Castro,  looks like the District Attorney finally is doing his job and finally filed for charges against Castro with DWI and will be having to fight this off in court soon, with the civil lawsuit underway and now the DWI is on writing,  it’s just a matter of time for the District Judge to remove Castro from office.    Where are his 200,000 followers that he claimed to have online? I didn’t see anybody last night there.  



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