Candidate for State Senate refuses to take showers

We have received several complaints of that of Republican Candidate for State Senator of District #27, Vanessa Tijerina that her body odor is very pungent and repulsing. We don’t like to spread rumors however various people have contacted me to express their concerns that when Vanessa Tijerina shows up in public, the world can smell her from afar. We always like to see if any of these rumors have a grain of truth to it.

Last night, Vanessa Tijerina went live as she usually does and is seen wearing a striped collared shirt.

And just recently Vanessa Tijerina has gone live today wearing the same shirt from last night and this time with sunglasses probably covering her blood shot eyes from lack of sleep. It looks like she’s wearing the same clothes. It’s unknown to why this candidate for State Senate doesn’t consider hygiene very important, one must always be presentable at all times but at the end of the day, this is la chiskiada we’re talking about so nothing is surprising.

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