Viva’s Anecdote: Gusty winds and Starbucks are conspiring to get me hooked on their liquid version of crack 

“I’m not supposed to drink coffee but this was an Emergency and Starbucks is trying to hook me on it’s version of crack.” -Viva Zworski 
January 16,2016

Dear Diary, 
I rarely consume caffeine for three reasons:

1.) The Jitters I always get with caffeine consumption??????

2.) The Laxative effects that caffeine has on my digestive tract ???

3.) I am Mormon at the time (caffeine is a Big No No!) 
So, Today, Out of the few times that I go to Starbucks, my sweet boyfriend and I decided to stop at Starbucks to order a Mocha Frappuccino and a Chai Latté. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am also lactose intolerant but YOLO. 

Now, What was my emergency? 

I was very tired because I could not catch my sleep last nite due to anxiety and I had plans for today. 

As we arrived, I was really having seconds thoughts but I went ahead and went straight up to the Drive-Thru. The lady that was to take our precious order said “Hold on a second” …she didn’t take a second, she took 5 wholeheartedly minutes. 

As patient as I am, I told myself that this was a sign from the Universe to not consume caffeine, but of course, I did not listen to my inner advice.

While waiting for her to report back to us, I told my beau, “Unbelievable, this drive-thru young lady could make a great lawyer!” Then with the other 2 minutes before she came back to take our order, I started to explode my imagination with nonsense questions like “Will I ever get to see a Unicorn? Can I become a Jedi? How do I get into Xavier’s School of gifted youngsters? And so on….

Suddenly the intercom comes back to life with the ladies sweet barbie soothing voice at 10 decibels loud that we almost sh** our pants. She then proceeded to kindly take our order. 

Finally, we drove to the window and she said “I am sorry, we had a power outage right now and our registers are rebooting, so can you pay with cash?, We said, “Of Course!” …..bizarrely, she hands back the $20 bill and says… “Don’t worry it will be for Free!”… It didn’t excite me much, instead, I was totally scared and freaked out because every time, out of the rare times that I go to Starbucks, I get my coffee Free and coupons for mysterious reasons that I cannot explain. 

Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that today Starbucks and the Windy air (that messed up the power lines) are conspiring to get me wired on their expensive version of crack-of-Starbucks products ??? 

Just In case that somebody wants to know how I am doing right now….

Well, I am lost in the Water Closet , also known as a Restroom, but I cannot find the “Rest” with all this sh** ?? ??

I am also having the craziest jitters of my life that if a cocaine addict read this, they be jealous of me ???? 

I cannot promise that I won’t do it again because I know I will go back to Starbucks crackhouse but I still want to Thank Starbucks for our Free Mocha Frapuccino & Chai Latté ☕️? ? 

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