Family doesn’t endorse Erasmo Castro

Melissa Castro who is the sister of Erasmo Castro will not be voting for her brother in this election.  Melissa runs the Brownsville Raza page which is a foundation in helping people to those in need by creating charity events and sharing through social media.  Many years ago she was attacked by her own brother because she was the first to create a page that actually helps people, feeling jealous the page Brownsville Cheezmeh was created, you can read about that by clicking here.

Melissa wrote above in Spanish the following,  “I would like to ask you to vote for Dr. Rose Gowen, she’s a hard worker who’s respected, she doesn’t use social media to harm others, she doesn’t harm others on purpose, she doesn’t seek revenge if your against her, SHE’S A GOOD PERSON (notice the emphasis on caps),   Has she committed mistakes? I imagine so, “normal” ones like everyone else but not unforgivable ones.  Let’s all vote for Dr. Rose Gowen.”

So according to Melissa, Erasmo has done something so unforgivable… we wonder what that is, rumors have been circulating the interwebz about something sick he’s done, we wonder if perhaps this might be what she might be referring to.  Either way, Melissa is a known respectable figure in Brownsville who has done a lot for the community and charity work.   So if she’s supporting Dr. Gowen as opposed to her own brother, there must one good reason for that.  It is said that if your own family don’t trust you, how can anyone else trust you, much less be a city commissioner which oversees how a city is ran? Go vote people. 

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